Friday, December 08, 2006

'tis the season to procrastinate

It's not like I haven't had time to blog in the past 3 months. The motivation just wasn't there. Writing about being a librarian is not the same as writing about being a teacher. It doesn't seem like as much drama occurs in this job. That's good though, right?

I still love my job and am fitting in better with the staff now. Everyone seems to be satisfied with me.

One of my volunteers is a dad. A few weeks ago, Ms. J, from 4th grade came by after school and nervously asked me about him. She wanted to know if he was single or not. I assured her that he was available--he had told me a little about his ex-wife not too long ago. Anyway, Ms. J, a single parent as well, was interested in going out with Volunteer Dad. I encouraged her to go for it because Volunteer Dad seemed like a nice guy. Finally, this week, Ms. J got her opportunity. She came into the library when V Dad was working and I smoothly orchestrated a chance for her to talk to him. They ended up exchanging phone numbers and are going out this weekend! I've never played much of a part in a budding romance and it's pretty fun. I know Ms. J will keep me updated on how things are going, and I'll post on the progress.

Classrooms at school are busy with holiday festivities. I sure am missing some of the holiday activities I did with my kiddos as a teacher. Not missing a classroom full of hyper kids pumped up about Christmas! I have read some great books to my library classes though. Here are 2 fun ones that the kids loved:
How Santa Got His Job and How Santa Lost His Job both by Stephen Krensky.

One week left 'til the holidays!! I'm looking forward to some time off. Merry Christmas!!


Blogger Dree said...

Hey, good to see you back! I know what you mean about not being motivated. I had a blog-hiatus for about a month (mostly due to being crazy-busy with other things) and I'm just now starting to blog regularly again. Glad your new position is drama-free!

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